Restorative Justice

What is Restorative Justice and is it right for me?

Restorative Justice is a voluntary process for both victims and offenders.
Restorative Justive brings victims and offenders and their support people together to discuss the offending in a safe environment.

Restorative Justice gives victims the opportunity to talk about the harm caused, and how it has impacted on them. Victims are able to challenge the offending behaviour, and they can have a say in how the offending should be addressed.

Offenders are given the opportunity to accept responsibility for the harm they have caused. Offenders can show victims that they are holding themselves accountable by modifying their behaviour, and/or by offering some form of reparation.

Separate pre-conference meetings are held with the victim and the offender and their support people. A decision on whether it should proceed to a Restorative Justice Conference is made by the Facilitator after both pre-conference meetings have been held.

A key outcome for the Restorative Justice Conference is for the victim and the offender to agree about the best way forward. This can include a Reparative Plan where victims and offenders agree on how the offender can put things right as much as possible. An example of a goal to be achieved in a Reparative Plan for family violence is for the offender to complete an anger management programme to help change his/her offending behaviour.

What do we provide?

  1. We provide Accredited Restorative Justice Facilitators to facilitate a process to allow the victim and the offender to talk about the offending behaviour and the issues around the harm caused.
  2. We will provide a safe environment to allow meaningful discussion to take place.
  3. We will write a Restorative Justice Report for the Judge to take into consideration when the offender is sentenced.
  4. We can assist both the victim and the offender to identify support people, which may include whanau/family or community members.
  5. We work in Rotorua, Taupo, Tokoroa, Whakatane, and Opotiki Courts.
  6. We work with all cultures and ethnicities.


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